The Warrior King

Latticus, the king of Adelaven.

Government: Kingdom

Leader: Latticus.(shown to the right)

Population: 120 billion.

War level: 10

Language(s): English and Italian.

It is just to the south of Cienia.


Iron, wood, fish, wine, silver, linen, and furs.

Warrior trainingEdit

Adelaven has a spartan complex when training soldiers. They are trained from the time they can hold a sword. Men and women alike .Adelaven usually keeps to itself but if challenged it will not stand down. Rifles are rare in Adelaven. The most common weapons are swords, spears and bows.Even civilians will draw their blades and lay down their liver for their kingdom.


Adelevan infantry armor.


Infanry: The most common soldier in Adelaven's military. They are very well trained and are capable of fighting in up to 3 to 1 odds alone and can be vastly outnumbered and win as a unit.

Archers: Usually positioned in high hidden places during battles to support infantry and cavalry from above.

Cavalry: Soldiers on horses that have swords and bows.

Assassins: Used to kill someone silently and quicly. They have poison darts, daggers, and bows.

Royal guard: They protect the king's palace. They are skilled with most weapons, have amazing armor, and the best training in the kingdom.

City Guard: In every city in the kingdom.Their skill is about equal to the infantry.

Riflemen: Very rare about half as many as there are archers. They are only used in large battles behind barricades due to the slow reloding time. They still have sword training and carry swords at all times.

Elephants: Adelaven uses elephants as war tanks. 

Warships:Adelaven has hundreds of warships.


Adelaven does not believe in racism or sexual stereotypes. All people in adelaven also have religous freedom. It is this freedom that, even with it's strict training,the people love their home. Adelaven tries to avoid war. They will fight if invaded. Most of their troops stay within their country. This makes it very hard to attack because of their battle skill and the vast number of soldiers. Adelaven will send troops to aid their allies. That is the only time when troops leave. They will trade with other countries and try to establish peace, but if their country is attacked it is likely none of the attackers will survive.