Cienia is a country in Rorosas, it is mainly forested areas and covered with many small towns and a few large


cities. It is a Kingdom ruled by a royal family. It is on the edge of the Hurakhan ocean. 


Goverment: Kingdom

Leader: King

Population: Around 50 Billion

War Level: 5

Main Racial Group: Drakes

Main Language: Drakish

Currency: Gold and Gems 

History Edit

Cienia was founded by the Drakes hundreds of years ago. The Drakes were nomads but once they saw the land that would eventually become Cienia, they knew they must stay. The land was perfect for crops and it was rich with resources and wildlife. It thrived for hundreds of years, then a new royal family took power and caused chaos. The new king attacked neighboring countries without reason and got many soldiers killed. He stole land and money from his own people and killed them when they resisted. Eventually a rebellion formed, and then started the Civil War of Cienia. The rebellion was led by a man named Alex Sol, who was a great leader and led a small force against a powerful army. Sol soon realized he couldn't win by force, so he started to fight with words. He made speeches that convinced almost all the citizens of Cienia to join him, even the King's own soldiers turned agaisnt him. The King was soon defeated and a new Royal Family was brought to power, and the country once again thrived. Sol, the new King, made peace with the neighboring nations that the previous king had attacked and they have lived peacefully for years. 
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Alex Sol defeats the former King

Landmarks and other important placesEdit

  • Sol City - Capital of Cienia and the largest city of the country, it is where the Royal Palace stands.
  • Rugged Mountains - A large mountain range that forms the Eastern border of the country.
  • Shadow Lake - A massive lake that is in the dead center of the country.
  • The Shi Forest - A large forest filled with many dangerous creatures, no one dares go there. It is along the western border.
  • Tenshi Bay - A huge bay that leads into the Hurakhan Ocean.