Doracis is a country on Rorosas, it's a desertess country inhabinated by Alrics and other Creatures. Its a Kingdom governed country, and the current king is Dorach the great. Its surrounded by the great, and vast Elo Ocean

The region of Doracis.


Government: Kingdom

Leader: King

Population: About 836,000,000

War Level: 0

Allies: Cienia

Main Racial Group(s): Alrics

Main Language: Alriso 60%, English 30%, Other 10%

Currency Forms: Gems, and Jewels

Customs, and CultureEdit

Main Religion: Spiral


Landmarks, and CapitalsEdit

  • Eagle Desert - Biggest area of the country, and biggest desert in country.
  • Nike Plazza - Capital city of the country, located near the edge of the Eagle Desert.
  • Deadman Docks - An abandoned area near the coast which use to work as a dock, and is now thought to be haunted.
  • Ion Cave - A cave in which is believed to be where Dragons live, and eat. Screeches may be heard when in a respected distance.
  • Dorach Lake - A lake which connects to a river and goes throughout the Eagle Desert.
  • Dorach River - A river which goes throughout the Eagle Desert, and is the biggest river in the country. Its the only water source for miles throughout the Eagle Desert.
  • Glowing Desert - Another desert in which is even hotter, yet smaller than the Eagle Desert.