Here's the rules of making a country...


Politics and Dealing With Other playersEdit

  • Another aspect of the game is relations with other players. The centre of this is the Forum,  talk pages, or your country's page.
  • Alliances between players can be formed, if they create and join a Federation which represents their own ideas and values.
  • Deals and co-operative economics can be delevoped into - A friendly ally will build more corporations in your coountry. Or sell you goods that your country needs, via contract.

War and PeaceEdit

  • If somebody violates your enjoyment of the game or you simply disagree with their personality or tactics, war is an option.
  • War, and the building of an army is only recommended AFTER a strong economy has been built. It is impossible to win a war with huge amounts of debt.
  • Remember, wars are announced via the worldly newspaper, and the international community is always watching. If you are seen as an unjust warmongerer, you will gain few friends, and may even be attacked by the larger players.

Economic Growth and Market ManipulationEdit

  • This is an area where lots of players find their interests lie.
  • Players can strategically buy and sell stock, hoping to predict the market and gain money once the selected product is in shortage.
  • Players Can use many different Economic Strategies, including Ceo corporation based, State/Public corporation based, or a mixture of the two.
  • There is a fully active share market in each world, in which shares can be bought and sold in order to achieve profit with market fluctuations or to receive a steady income from the corporation dividend each month.
  • Growth can be achieved through changes in the education system, with a higher 'Teacher' Education Priority, more teachers will be trained, and thus more schools can be built, leading to a higher trained workforce, and leaning towards a high-tech corporation economy.
  • The Salaries of each worker type can be changed at will, higher wages stimulate higher tax revenue and higher commercial activity, whereas a lower salary base can encourage CEO's to move in, or enable the maintenance of a large army.

Needed thingsEdit

Your page needs stuff on it, here's the stuff(choices):

Government: Democrocy, Monarchy, Dictatorship, Anarchy, Communist State, Kingdom, Fascist State, or Socialist State

Leader: President, King, Queen, Dictator, Emporer/Emperess, Prime Minister, or Caesar

Population: Depends on size.

War Level: How deep into war you are.

Main Racial Group(s): Your choice.

Main Language: Your choice.