This page, Role-Play Page is where you can interact with other countries using your own, such as war, meetings, and politics/economy. Start a section on the page below and begin RPing at will whenever, and however you want.

Role-Playing Starts Here....Edit

Orders of the LeaderEdit

Soldiers sail the seas, nearly to Cienia, they appear to be riding in Akatsis war boats. There's about 6 war boats, they're here for unknown buisness. They dock, and many soldiers begin marching onto the coast of Cienia.

Cienian soldiers are sent to see what the Akatsis soldiers are doing on Cienian land. They do not attack but ask what the Akatsis warriors are doing. 

An Akatsis soldier says, "To Conquer" and the soldiers point arrows.

The Leader of the Cienian Soldiers says "As you wish". The Soldiers move aside and a cannon is brought through the gap. It fires straight into the line of Akatsis Soldiers. 

A gap is in the crowd of soldiers, and they start to rampage, attacking soldiers and some getting through into civilization.

The Cienian soldiers attack the Akatsis. Another Group of Soldiers arive and quickly take out the Akatsis' that got into the town. They then join the battle.

The Akatsis soldiers quickly become outnumbered until two more ships dock and import about 50 more soldiers into battle.

The soldiers now have even numbers. A few Cienian warships come up from behind the Akatsis ones and fire  cannons into them. Meanwhile archers take up positions on high places and fire down on the Akatsis soldiers.

The Akatsis soldiers are at low numbers and they flee into a boat leaving the rest behind.

Cienian's make a large line of warships as a defense at the mouth of the bay incase they try to attack again.

The LetterEdit

Cienian's capital recieves a message which says,

Hello, Alex Sol.

I've heard rumors of the attack from Akatsis, and that you guys barely even won. So, I've thought of an offer that you probably can't deny. An alliance, our two countries. We can reinforce you and your country with some soldiers in case of attacks. Please write back.

~ Dorach the Great

Alex sol writes back:

Hello, Donarch

There was an attack but I would hardly say we barely won. But I do accept your offer of an alliance. Akatsis is a large country and a very war-loving won, there is no doubt they will attack again, with even more soldiers. I also doubt they would stop with Cienia, they would try to conquer the entire world, and we cannot let that happen.

~ Alex Sol


Six small ships appear on the horizon on their way to Ciena, they appear to be waving the Doracis flag, high and proud.

The Cienian ships move to make a gap in their barricade for the Doracis ships.

The Doracis ships stop, and send the biggest, and grandest ship through gap onto port. The door opens, and Dorach the great walks out, with three soldiers, he asks for firection of Alex Sol's residence.

A Cienian soldier gives them directions to the Royal Palace. 

"Thank you, good sir." is said by Dorach as he and his soldiers walk to his ressidence. They reach it, and walk in. The words, "Hello, Alex Sol" is spoken by Dorach.