The Y'aajese are the main racial group inhabiting the island of Y'aaj.  The average height of a Y'ajeese male is 5'9 and 5'6 for the females.  Some Y'aajese live to be 87 while the average life expectancy is 79.            

Weapons and Military TacticsEdit

The Y'aajese are best when equipped with spears, axes, and poison dipped arrows.  The Y'aajese guerilla warriors paint their skin to fit in whatever environment they are hiding in, so that they can trick their enemies. 

Appearance and Tribal CustomsEdit

Y'aajese shave their head and leave only the hair on their top left, they style their hair into a mohawk.  The Y'aajese believe this makes it easier for them to hide so their enemies don't notice them, they even dye their hair green to match the grass.  Many warriors wear headdresses when they are in forests to make it look like their headdress is actually a pinecone.  They decorate the headdress with plants and grass, they also put feathers in it too and attach it to an animal skull. 

Diet Edit

The Y'aajese are hunters and fishers, usually eating Feengax, whales, and lions.  In much of Southern Y'aaj, the people are unclean and eat the meat raw.