Zorisimak, is the homeland of the Klimins. The leader of this great monarchic land is Chief Dimak, a warrior who helped fight in the Alarsion War 12 years ago, and has been leader ever since after the former leader, Chief Gruni was shot with an arrow in the face. It is currently the Age 312.

About and historyEdit

The land Zorisimakk, was once known in deep ancient times, as "The Land of no name". It was lead by random tribal chiefs since the known existence, and has always lacked reliable sources; an army, plantations and more essential living stuff. The anicent Klimins used hunting materials, and invented their own language and currency. In around age 69 BCE (Before Current Era), Noril Zorisimakk was born, and would soon change the land's history for the better. In age 21, Noril kept complaining to the current tribal chief, about how they lack a foreign military against intruders. Noril was repeatedly denied, until age 12, when a ravid civil war was raged, and Noril took matters into his own hands and life. An evil dictator lord Farakk, lead an attack to dominate the land. Warmaster Noril, armed well, raged into battle, and after 2 years, in age 14, the great lord/war Lord Noril Zorisimakk, defeated Farakk in battle over land. This land would be named Zorisimakk, named after him. Noril died in age 34, 20 years following. Noril's son, Chief Thum, would take over as leader until his death in age 60, and his son took over and more and etc.

In age 134, Chief Dimunn signed an act, which forbid foreign races from easily crossing into Zorisimakk. This angered foreigners, and they lead a planned war on Zorisimakk. Chief Dimunn created a large base of warriors to protect mainly the city of Boleft, and the leaders. These warriors were very well-trained, and worked hard. In age 135, the war was lead, and went on for 6 years until age 141, when they were defeated. This was known as the 6-year foreign war. Chief Dimunn signed many acts into law after the war, and rebuilt many destroyed cities, into more advanced towns using advanced but classic technology. This included a large statue of Chief Noril Zorisimakk in the middle of Boleft. In the late years of Dimunn's life, he wrote a journal, for if he didn't, none of this may have only been knowable through other harder sources.

In 300, Chief Gruni was killed in the war. His son, warmaster Chief Dimak took place as leader, at only age 35.

The land of Zorisimakk is currently in peace, but still has many low political stances, and high debt, still from the Alarson war 12 years ago.

Forms of currencyEdit

The land of Zorisimakk runs by Bitchips, small metal/wood chips made by banks. Metal bitchips are rare, and only the rich usually have them. You can also trade on Zorisimakk.

Cities and townsEdit

There is a number of villages, towns and cities. Here are most of them:

  • Boleft - The main captial city founded by Noril Zorisimakk in age 14. Located in the right middle, along a large lake.
  • Ketdal - Second largest city, located in the northwest. It is a mountainous city.
  • Garkark - A smaller village located in the southeast.
  • Bulmorgomthinrak - A large city in the north, directly north of Boleft.
  • Thini
  • Sunai
  • Munfik


  • Population: About 23,000